Prayer Requests

"As Christians, we would like to pray during the cycling tour for the people and countries that are suffering greatly from the Corona crisis. It is our wish that during the whole 72 hours of the cycling tour people in need are prayed for. For this purpose, we have divided the 72 hours into 30-minute segments, so that anyone who wants to join in the prayer can choose one of these segments to pray for."

Would you like to pray with us for the people affected?

Then join our Doodle list and choose the time period of your choice:


  • Healing, medical aids, mild courses and comfort for the sick

  • God's nearness for all dying and mourning

  • Decrease of the infection rate in the currently most affected countries

  • Power and wisdom for medical staff and politicians

  • sufficient food supply for all starving people

  • Comfort and confidence for lonely and desperate people

  • Support and support in existential, crises

  • for all people, regardless of their origin and religious conviction, to experience God's blessing and His love

  • solidarity and proactive helpfulness among people, instead of hatred, xenophobia or mutual recrimination

  • Protection for Christians and other believers who are violently persecuted and marginalized because of their faith

  • that through the Corona crisis, God is opening up new possibilities and ways for people to meet his love


  • Protection and preservation for children at risk during the homeschooling period in their families

  • Comfort and confidence for lonely older people


  • For the laborious distribution of food parcels to the starving population in the mountain villages

  • Financial aid for the population, since tourism is the main source of income


  • Supplying migrant workers with food parcels

North Africa

  • Pray for the team of locals, who distribute food packages, masks and disinfectants to many hundreds of Sudanese refugee families: That they themselves will not get infected, and that they become a major blessing for these struggling families


  •  In the past couple of years, the young, fast-growing community of Jesus followers in the country was subject to immense pressure from the side of the government. Now, they were asked to to help in this Corona crisis

  • Pray, that they can get involved with all of their hearts and become a  major source of blessing for many people in Algeria

  • Pray as well, that as a result, the attitude of the government and others towards them will change radically to the positive.


  • The very young community of Jesus followers in the North of Chad are in real need as a result of the Corona crisis. They have a hard time to even put food on the table. Pray, that they can support each other, and that they receive support from outside as well.

South Sudan

  • Many many people die of the Corona virus in South Sudan right now - though the official numbers don’t reflect that. Especially the poorest of the poor, the internally displaced people (“IDP’s”), are struggling.

  • Pray for our team of local people who distribute among them food packages, masks, disinfectants, and offer awareness training about basic protection against the virus.

  • One big distribution effort is planned for Friday June 12 - the first day of our CoronaRide

  • Pray, that our team doesn’t get infected by the virus and they become a major blessing for the poorest of the poor

South Africa

  • Supply of families in the townships with food and hygiene articles


  • Supplying approx. 100 families in Kukavu (Eastern Congo) with food parcels through the Jeremie Project

  • Peace for the Congo and protection for the population from the numerous rebel groups

The Cycle Team

We praise and glorify God for:

  • all those interested, prayers, donors and encouragers who accompany us on this tour 

  • the numerous miracles we have experienced in the preparation

  • many individuals and communities who will provide us with sleeping facilities and good food throughout Germany, even though they do not know us.

  • many other people who generously provide us with their motor homes, bicycles, technical equipment and much more

  • Conservation during preparation: apart from minor falls and scratches, all 13 cyclists came through the intensive training period in good health

  • our jerseys, which were co-financed by a generous donor

  • the matching fund, which doubles the first 25,000 € in donations

We trust God that He:

  • protects all cyclists and accompanying persons from accidents

  • gives us good weather: warm and dry, with lots of tailwind 😊

  • making people ready to support this tour with prayer and donations