MoveIn is a movement of regular Christians prayerfully moving in among the unreached, urban poor. The Vision is to move in to high-needs areas in the heart of the city, among those who haven't heard the Good News.

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OM is a world-wide movement of more than 5000 followers of Jesus. We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

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The Contact Mission is a Christian work that wants to support people to live their God given vocation. In 50 different countries, more than 350 employees are now involved in a variety of ways. Currently, employees of the Corona Contact Mission are also helping people in poorer countries. 

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As an educational organization for sustainable development, we support young people in developing countries to develop their character and to be able to provide for themselves and their families.

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OM mission is to see new movements of vibrant communities of Jesus Followers come into existence, and we focus on those who have the least chance of ever hearing the Gospel. Very often, communities of people untouched by the Gospel are also those who are poor, and who are most negatively affected by the current COVID-19 crisis. They lose their meager sources of income, and they are most vulnerable to the current health risks. Therefore, OM is responding worldwide in many places to the needs of those affected most by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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During the Corona Ride, we invite you to be generous and join us in serving the urban poor in the Arab World. One example from a city in North Africa, where many Sudanese refugees live. Our team of local co-workers is distributing food packages to hundreds of the most needy families among them, who have lost their source of income.


Surely you too have seen the pictures of Indian migrant workers on television. They were shocking pictures: Crowds of people crossing the country to return to their families. With the onset of the Corona restrictions, most of these migrant workers immediately lost their jobs and with them their main source of financial income to support their families.


In order to alleviate the immediate need for food, our local employees have begun distributing food packages to needy population groups. In countries such as Nepal and South Africa, our employees are currently helping to alleviate the existential needs of the people, and by donating food, they are enabling more families to receive food parcels, bringing direct help, encouragement and hope to the people.


We are not a programme-oriented organisation, but an organic movement of Christians that wants to bring Christ and his love to the unreached, poor urban population. We do this by living among them. Through prayer and active charity, we ask that our neighbours experience the love of God in a life-changing, contagious way. We pray that with the help of the team they will become followers of Jesus and then in turn pass on the love of God to their neighbours. In this way one neighbourhood is changed - one by one.


Moveiners live and serve in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in the world. Because of the pandemic, many neighbours have lost their jobs and therefore their entire basic income. Support from governments is often limited. We want to support those who need it most at the moment - thank you for contributing!


Since 2010, FACE has been working to ensure access to education and economic independence for destitute and disadvantaged population groups. To this end, an education campus has been set up in Malawi, which works closely with the villages in the surrounding area to offer the people opportunities.

By working on our farm, the students learn all the necessary methods to become self-sufficient and are mentored by our Filipino staff in seminars on real-life topics with a focus on working closely with the local population to help them help themselves and solve problems from within.

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Since 2015, Face has established another project in the Philippines. Through innovation in organic farming and access to education, families are provided with holistic care.  From the strategic location of a university, our scholarship enables young Filipinos to study, connecting rural communities with agricultural innovation.