Corona Ride Recap

We almost reached our fundraising goal! All the suffering was worth it already. 
Here you can witness a few more moments of this mad weekend. 
Would you like to help us reach the 100,000 this week?

We made it

We don't have words to describe all that has happened over the past few days. All bikers reached the finish line yesterday night after three days of pedaling and suffering immensely. It will surely take a few days for us to fully digest this trip and for the legs to work as normal again, and we are indescribably proud of every one's achievement. If you followed along, why don't you let the bikers know how much you are celebrating with them, and there is still time to help us reach our fundraising goal!

It’s getting uncomfortable

Yesterday the sun was torching hot, boiling down on our bikers, while today they are all facing another  challenge: having to cycle in the cold rain without loosing motivation. You can still hardly hear anyone complain and they are still going strong! We’d love it if you could especially support them in prayer today.

Start on the last Day

We started a bit later this morning as some of us only arrived at 2am tonight after riding through a storm for the last bit of the route.
Sometimes things just go unplanned and you have to adapt last minute...

Day 2 - Check!

We are so proud of these men that bravely conquered every mountain, kept on going despite the pain and rain and “embraced the suck”.
Last day today!

Ups and downs

We’re more than half way to our finish line! Just as the landscape offers a lot of ups and downs as we get closer to the South, the emotions experience a rollercoaster as well. Why not take part and support our brave warriors through continuous prayer, and by helping them reach their fundraising goal to up their motivation!
Here’s a little insight into the range of feelings expressed so far...

Day 2:

We kicked today off with much nicer weather than yesterday, and many more steep hills to conquer. Our brave men are keeping it strong!

Friday Highlights

First day done! These are our favourite moments - check it out!

In the Background

What makes this trip possible is not only the willingness of 14 brave men to bike 1000 km in three days, it’s also the incredible support team that does all the work behind the scenes so the bikers can fully concentrate on their job –

Driving ahead preparing food and drinks for breaks in between, making sure the muscles stay fit with a quick physio therapy, cheering them on and very often going to bed later than the bikers and getting up even earlier.

Please would you join us for a big round of applause for all these incredible champions!

Road moments:

Our bikers caught in action - enjoy!

Get to know our riders

We know you’ve all been asking yourself who would do such a crazy tour... get to know some of our participants a little closer and hear the reason why they decided to suffer.

First 100 km

So far it’s all happy faces and happy legs. Let’s hope it stays like that!

Straight out of the sea...

Watch this video to see what our bikers were up to at the beach yesterday, and how they feel about a 2 am start of the day...

Start in Flensburg

With very little sleep but much motivation our team is heading off today. This is how the bikers looked like when they started the tour at 3am tonight: still quite fresh and happy don’t you think?

Corona Restrictions

Tomorrow we are kicking it off! Our riders arrived in Flensburg today and headed to the beach for a little video session to get into the mood. We're revealing the outcome tomorrow, so keep you're eyes peeled...